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Everyone has thought about their life in terms of fame at least once if not multiple times. It’s fun to imagine the extravagant adventures, exclusive parties, and swarms of people approaching you with sparkles in their collective eyeballs. It’s not a life for everybody, but those with a mission to obtain fame have to go through a series of hurdles that can produce doubt, fear of rejection, and financial trouble. That is unless you’re rich.

An indestructible safety net from parental figures is what propelled so many stars to be where they are now, leaving a population of less fortunate…

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Procrastination can be a real pain in the ass. Whenever I’m off distracting myself from completing any work my head begins to feel like a sandbag supported by my shoulders. My mind becomes overwhelmed with what I need to do but my body can’t seem to move forward in a productive direction. Do I need some liquid courage to snap out of it? Is there some magic pill I can ingest? Can I ask for talent from the Talent Fairy?

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this from financial gurus on Instagram but it’s all about your mindset. If you…

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Recently I had a shower thought about thinking in the shower. Sounds ridiculously meta but stay with me. Between the scrubbing maintenance and the collecting of shower water in my mouth like I’m some sort of hippo, I get some of my best thinking done. It could be the warm pitter-patter of hot droplets smacking the top of my head with every wash that excites the brain juices, but I’d rather think that it’s because shower time is a temporary mental retreat from everyday life.

I hardly believe that my mind has any time to relax in my daily life…

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“So where are we headed, robo-dude?” Claire asked the armored android sitting across from her. The question lingered in dead air as the van viciously vibrated over unperceived terrain. The vehicle was wrapped in secrecy to the point where a slit of light from the outside world wasn’t permitted. “I see. The strong and silent type are we? You don’t have to go all British King’s guard on me.” This bizarre situation Claire found herself in didn’t upset her as she placed her headphones back around her ears and returned to her own world.

Claire’s ability to drift off into…

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Springtime brought along blooming flowers bathing in the sunlight pouring between the parting clouds. An illuminating sun was centered in the bright sky while the chilling northern pacific winds sifted through the pine trees. It was a time of rebirth and new beginnings. The high schoolers cloaked in sweaters folded their arms as they approached the school hall. They were partitioned into their different cliques. There were the sports teams, the drama clubs, and the church groups. There were the carpoolers, the intertwined couples, and the loners.

And then there was Hunter, kicking his skateboard up to cradle under his…

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David Lynch is the wispy-haired director responsible for some of the most popular works of surreal filmmaking in the last century. “Eraserhead,” “Blue Velvet,” and “Twin Peaks” all encourage people to question reality and investigate the depths of their own minds.

It takes an incredibly creative soul to be able to cause people to question after witnessing their art. As an aspiring creative, I fanboy over the specific processes these types of individuals subject themselves to in order to get a better understanding of how I can become a better artist.

Besides being vocal about practicing different creations and partaking…

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There’s a lot of pressure on us to make the most of the time that we have. Every single body of life that situates itself on Earth is subject to the same minutes on the clock, or days on the calendar. Where you end up in life depends on how you use the 24 hours that you and everyone else, is confined inside of.

It’s an overwhelming notion that we could be wasting the short amount of time that we are supplied with. What constitutes a waste of time? Maybe you find yourself sleeping in too often. Maybe you keep…

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If you have a sturdy savings account or stacks of cash stowed under your mattress, you’re not doing yourself as much good as you should. There might come that one rainy day where you do get to take a hammer to that piggy bank of yours and pick up the few cents within the shattered shards to cover some emergency expenses. But that’s not what money is meant to be used for.

Money needs to be used in order to have a purpose. You leave money frozen in an account with the hopes of it being useful in the future…

The trust is in the math

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Monetary transactions have gone from exchanging notes with straight-faced slave masters to using lasers to read plastic rectangles. Beyond credit cards, people magically send others money through PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. These are glimpses into what would transpire in a cashless economy. Everybody will be paying for everything with virtual forms of money like V-Bucks and Minecraft Rubies.

The idea of easing into a post-cash economy is what guides plentiful attention towards cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which had momentarily spiked to being worth over $40,000.

History of the Cybergold

Bitcoin makes its rounds in the news every…

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We are deeply familiar with the idea of the post-war American nuclear family, which consists of two parental figures and a number of children. The man of the house would grab their hat and get their kiss from the stay-at-home wife as they went on their way to work a high wage, non-soul-sucking job. Pair that with some swing music and you have every familial conservative’s Leave it to Beaver wet dream.

But times have changed since the 60s. Women pursued higher education and continue to create much-needed representation in the workforce. …

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