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Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

The roiling iron core of the Earth burns with energy in a fashion similar to the spirit that fills every being with warm, autonomous life.

From the primates swinging in trees to the whales breaching the seas. The ants colonizing dirt mounds and the howling of the night hounds.

Though none have the comparable cunningness and craftsmanship of the arachnid.

Generating silk mosaics that capture the morning dew as it glows in the sun as an impressive mathematical portrait. A hand-crafted hospice and hunting ground.

A samurai of the small scale invertebrates containing the duality of the artist and a feared warrior. Even those the size of a coin intimidates bipedal beasts thousands of times its size.

A surveyor of the microenvironment with lawful intentions.

Teaching in Buddhism reads that all life is important from the very large to the very……

From the very large to the very…..

Sorry, there’s this fly that’s bugging me right now.


Nope didn’t get it. Damn.

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