Why Refusing To Wear A Mask Is Unpatriotic

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There has been a noticeable trend of people politicizing human lives in the United States. Social Darwinism is wringing its hands whenever the cretinous ignorance of anti-mask rhetoric is displayed through acts of online meme warfare. Those who are decent enough to wear masks are not brainwashed by the sitting reptilians of the deep state that covering their mouth gives them a false sense of security. Instead, they are good Samaritans advocating for a more selfless society. People refusing to abide by the necessary precautions during this pandemic are actively contributing to the extensive decline of Western economics and its way of life.

Despite the documented death rate, the virus issues a unique form of suffering to everyone that it comes in contact with. There’s a giant carnival wheel of symptoms that gets spun to see what a person gets, and the Rolodex of options isn’t very pleasant. You deciding to raw dog your face in close public spaces can be scary because it potentially risks those in the shared environment. It’s a disturbance of the peace. You could probably stage a bank robbery armed with nothing but sneezes. One could suggest that you’re a biological terrorist hijacking grocery stores and causing a maelstrom in the milk section. People not wearing masks knocking down cereal boxes and screaming at everyone for refusing service to them is like a person karate-chopping flight attendants for saying that they couldn’t smoke inside the plane cabin.

Masks are not fun to wear. I don’t want a reverse-Batman tan and I’m not in favor of the scent of my own esophagus. Wearing a mask is also not a hundred percent effective but it has been proven to create a powerful barrier against the spread of respiratory droplets. It is also theorized that if everyone were partial to wearing masks in public and standing an arbitrary cows-length from each other the virus could potentially die out in under two months. That’s not a foreseeable scenario considering that we are not dots on a screen encoded to follow precise instructions. We live in a less optimal simulation in which we are flawed flesh-bags of water with children.

The misunderstanding lies in the belief that masks are meant to keep yourself safe. That’s not the case at all. It’s not all about you. People wearing masks while they drive don’t score any points for Gryffindor. It’s not like wearing a bulletproof vest. It’s more like tossing someone a bulletproof vest before collaterally shooting them in the sternum. The role of masks was understood a century ago during the Spanish Flu pandemic and yet here we are now. As Blue Öyster Cult so aptly put it: “History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.”

We are far gone from having the dreamlike recovery so v-shaped that it could masquerade as one of Tony Montana’s dress shirts. Our number one priority should be to extinguish the daily record-breaking case spikes achievable by adherence to safety guidelines. If we can’t do that then we further delay American progress pertaining to ending unemployment trends, social injustice, and human trafficking. But if anti-mask propaganda indoctrinates a larger audience into thinking that their personal freedoms are in jeopardy, I’d like to buzz in and answer “What is unpatriotic?”

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